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Hujiao vulnerable to run, try to short-selling
Published: 2018-03-26
       Last week Hujiao vulnerable to run, a half weeks before the drought affected areas of China Hainan rebounded slightly Thursday after the announcement of a number of domestic economic data, Hujiao rebounded slightly after closing out the stars bring hatched line, fell sharply Friday ʱ?? Early in May announced heavy card data continues to show weakness, whether it is up or the chain has deteriorated, show lower consumption situation is grim, the implementation of the new standard adhesive downstream businesses will also continue to put pressure on the market for the downstream consumer of renewed pessimism , plus the strong and the weak US dollar crude oil, making Hujiao fell, went through the rising trend line early.
       Domestic warehouse stock exchanges ended the weekend 135,539 tons (+1909), warehouse receipts have slightly this week; futures warehouse capacity 110,260 tons (+540), total inventories continue to increase this week, following the rise in the previous week, the futures price Shi pressure. Qingdao Free Trade Zone inventory as of May 31 was 168,100 tons (-2.67), inventories continued to decline, and the decrease began to enlarge, continued to decline in stock prices Hujiao played a strong supporting role. With the sharp rebound the previous price, driving an increased purchasing mood on the market. Japanese port of rubber stock as of May 20 has been significantly increased.
       Last week the domestic spot market prices fell slightly, but the decline did not keep pace with futures prices, overall prices changed little, but the sales turnover in general, the lowest purchase does not arrive, the highest bid and sold. Thailand has been cut open, open cut capacity will be gradually restored, raw materials market last week continued to decline slightly, a change in the trend continued to rise early. Alternatives: natural rubber and butadiene and styrene-butadiene spreads have narrowed this week, does not cut the resolution makes clear the supply of crude oil increased late become a set number of pre-OPEC meeting later if oil prices continue to fall, it will drag on natural rubber prices.
       Lower tire operating rate, as of June 12, steel tire companies operating rate 73.09% (+ 0.69%), semi-steel tire companies operating rate 74.90% (+ 0.2%), operating rates rose slightly this week, temporarily look the upward trend has not broken ring, the subsequent start tracking the situation even further, but it is understood, the downstream tire factory appeared some funds increased pressure, this is noteworthy signal. Weekend US Department of Commerce issued a US passenger car and light truck tires in China anti-dumping and countervailing duty final results, found Chinese exports to the US tire dumping and subsidization. Double Anti-final results came out, the Chinese tire companies were dumping finds that pressure downstream plant.
       Based on the above point of view, is now in the tapping season, despite the domestic Hainan producing a certain degree of drought, resulting in insufficient supply of short-term domestic new rubber, but as long as foreign producing weather no major problems, the global supply of late will gradually increasing. Data released in May, the domestic economy downward pressures are still strong, weak downstream rubber situation still has not been alleviated, the first heavy truck sales in May exceeded market expectations, continued to deteriorate, followed by the Shanghai Stock Exchange warehouse receipts increase again , put pressure on the September contract, the final results of the weekend dual tire identification also continue to put pressure on the tire plant, highlighting the negative factors in the short term, the weak Hujiao will continue to run, we recommend investors to try to short-selling.