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Effect of seals on the overall performance of mechanical equipment
Published: 2018-03-26

The seals have been domestic enterprises for their own positioning is not very clear, blind production, product support docking and the lack of cooperation between the host companies. You can say the vast majority of domestic enterprises seal products are mass-produced only in accordance with uniform standards, we do not care about their own products on the market can meet a host of products supporting the blind pursuit of their own shipping amount.
However, in the host supporting the application of mechanical stability will be difficult to guarantee. Although in recent years the industry has made a lot of development, but only those still far from meeting other industry standardization of various types of rubber seal products, require serialization of products, especially when compared with the international advanced countries, our products in terms of product quality, or in terms of product variety, we have a considerable gap.
Insiders pointed out that, in order to meet increasing human demands for environmental protection, ISO14000 standard for the Chinese enterprises have started to pay attention, people increasingly stringent requirements for sealing. On the other hand the new standard objective reassigned to bring on the market.
New, more stringent quality standards, will become the biggest obstacle to the export of seal products; but became foreign companies into the Chinese market killer. Enterprises do not pay attention to technological progress in the next five years will be eliminated.

Seal industry as a whole and national industry output can not enter the machinery industry leader par. But the effect on the mechanical equipment seal overall performance, service life and so has a major. Therefore, only continuously improve the production of high-quality sealing products, in order to better promote the development of machinery industry.